For example, when

For example, when It is present at everything.

Each child is surrounded with parental love and understanding which on anything do not depend, they are constant it is an anchor which is necessary to all children.

Expectations should be real.

They should be based on real possibilities of children and should not be neither too high, nor underestimated.

For example, when Karen, the girl with the amputated extremities, was going to stick a lace, using special adaptations, parents were ready to allow to make by it it irrespective of, what is the time on it it is required.

Touches an integral part of lifestyle and education of a family of Debolt.

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That seemed

That seemedMeeting of an inclination with a subject corresponding to it or its activity there is a realized requirement.

Internal forces and a subject of requirement are ordered and define the direction of its materialization.

Therefore the boy also chose to itself modelin having protected thus from discomfort.

He aspired to modeling! And no expenses of time and the forces, any difficulties frightened it.

Something occurred to it, it with inspiration was fond of mastering knowledge, predmetnochuvstvenny skills of modeling.

That seemed to it boring earlier, became its pleasure.

Why Because modeling for it first of all game.

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Ska to it You can perfectly. we will

Ska to it You can perfectly. we will At low equipment of reading at the child to offer it the edition in which the bblshy part of the contents is transferred through pictures, or read to it aloud At the same time be engaged with in a benok in reading equipment.

Gradually it becomes everything better and better to read and will start it to do independently soon.

Adjust the child on success.

Ska to it You can perfectly.

we will prove it to all'.

Infect it with the confidence, involve and competition with itself.

Tell about own failure which you managed to overcome.

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Therefore If roar that with pleasure if play that steep in the game.


Therefore they cannot keep attention on two objects at once.

Are switched and their mood changes.

Fantastic interest.

The kid is easy for distractin having switched his attention to any other object.

However, than the child is more senior, this object should thoseZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

to be more interesting.

I do so other mother tells when Irinka does not want to gather to kindergarten and it happens quite often, I never with it argue.

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He starts

He starts But at the age of six, eight or ten months the personal experience is so small that in any case a little than can help even with familiar conditions, and in new situations is at all useless.

The instinct knows selfpreservation of the child.

But thus it not so simply primacy; it starts to find human lines.

Every day the kid is inclined to learn culture of the people more and more.

He starts to distinguish a role of mother and the father in the life.

Mother and remains to those all people were whom in relation to the baby before to that who provides the child with all necessary and gives, expecting nothing instead of, except satisfaction from otdavaniye.

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